martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

The perfect brow - Brow Tutorial -

Hello and Merry (late) Christmas to everyone! :D

Have you ever wondered how professional make-up artist achieve in celebrities those perfect good-looking brows? Well, in this tutorial I show you how! 

Talking about brows, you really need to get to know your brows (yeah, talk to them, they will answer you! JK!), but no, really, you need to experiment with them and really know what type of brow shape suits you the best. About this tutorial, I would say that is a pretty heavy brow look for an every day look, but if you are comfortable using it that way, it´s okay! 

Practice makes perfect, so don´t stress out if at the first time you can get out the look. Just practice and experiment with your brows if you feel in the mood, try to draw a new brow shape if you feel it or just make your brow a little longer, things like that!

I´ll stop talking, but you should scroll down and try this tutorial for new year´s eve! :D

You will need:

  • An eyeshadow in your hair color or brow color.
  • A diagonal brush/brow brush.
  • A synthetic tiny brush or a small lip brush.
  • Concealer two or one tones lighter than your natural skin color.
  • Water 
  • Brow gel (You can use a clean brow brush and mist some hairspray on it, and use it as a brow set)

Before you start....


Grab your brow brush or a brush that looks like the one on this picture and dip the brush 
on water, just a little bit to make it wet. Reshape the brush squeezing and making
it more flat.


Find your perfect brow color eyeshadow and grab some with the brush!
(Needs to be wet)


Using the brush, make a clean line from the Point of arch (the highest point of your brow)
and swipe the brush down to the End of the brow. This needs to be a 
clean and fine line. 
Here we are defining the brow, outlining it.


Now, do the same but this time in the lower part of the brow. As you can see in the picture.
*From the lower ¨highest point of the brow¨ to the very end of it.*


If you need more eyeshadow, grab more, BUT remember that the brush need to be wet!

Here, outline all the lower part of the brow with soft but precise strokes.


Do the same, outline but this time the upper part of the brow. From where the brow starts 
to the highest point of it. Take the photo as the example of what 
you need to achieve.


Grab more eyeshadow and fill in the whole brow, try to cover any gaps of skin that 
may show through the hairs. 

You will have something like this. You can stop here if you think is enough BUT
you can follow the next steps and try this for a more perfect-looking brow.


 Using the tiny synthetic brush, grab a little bit of concealer. Needs to be a creamy one, not to liquid.

Outline, but this time the outer part of the brow *from the highest point to the end f the brow*
The next steps are the same,  going all over the brow outlining with the concealer.
This is to make the brow pop, and make it sharper and perfect looking!


Outline from the beginning of the brow to the highest point of the brow.
(Sorry for that annoying hair that I did´t notice before starting the tutorial, it´s making me crazy!)


Keep outlining with the tiny brush using the concealer (grab more if you need to)
Here, outline from the arch of the brow to the end of it as you can see in the picture.


Outline what it´s left on the brow (the upper part of the brow).

(Here I forgot to do it, but in the finished photos you can notice that I did it)


Using the brow gel, go through all the hairs and make them go into the place.


And this is what you need to do if you want awesome looking brows!
OH, and yes! I changed my hair color 
(I miss being a redhead so much) :(

Thanks for reading.