domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

Le fab traveauty has reached 500 views!

For some people 500 is not big deal, but for me is A BIG DEAL! I could never imagine that my blog was ever able to reach 500 views so, thank you! This is pretty much a super awesome thing and I'm sorry I've being lazy with Le Fab Traveauty I promise that I would come back with great stuff!

Thank you for come here and watch my tutorials, thank you for passing by!

martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

Casual purple - Eye tutorial -

Sometimes purple make-up can look eather amazing or horrible, this is because purple is a delicate color. If you apply purple in the right way it can look amazing, but if you do it wrong it can look like someone has punch you in the eye. My tips on using purple as a eye make-up is that you need to pair it with other 2 or 1 colors (different colors, by the way), it can be a smoky purple using blacks, deep purples and silvers or a girly look like I did, using dark and soft purples and white.

Keep reading and learn how to do this girly purple eye look that you can use in any ocations!