miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Brownce make-up!

It´s been a hell of a lot time since I uploaded a tutorial, because of it I even forgot how to do the pictures and so, so forgive the continuos light changes in the pictures, I wish I had softboxes and more fancy stuff to make my pictures better looking :(

I did a very simple brown-bronce (hence the name, got it right?) eye make-up, used very few products and I personally think it would look fine on any occasion. It´s not even necessary to have the exact same products or colors I used, you can pick the tricks I used and apply that with any other color combinations. 

Things you will need: 

A. Short and flat brush. This one is from UBU (bought it in spain).
B. Flat brush. This is by MAC and it´s more fluffier than the previous one.
C. Color Tattoo by Maybelline, Shade 25 Bad to bronce.
D. Dark brown.
E. Darker brown than the previous one.
OH! And mascara of course!

Let´s begin!

With a finger, grab a little product from the pot and apply it on the mobil lid. Do not go further than that. If you see any harsh lines, just clean the edges with a clean finger and blend.

Now with the ¨A¨ brush, pick the dark brown and line the eye. It does not have to be perfect at all.

With the ¨B¨ brush, blend the dark brown that was just applied. Blend it with left-right motion movements, we want it to look like a messy liner, not this to go all over the lid and cover the previous steps.

With the ¨A¨ brush pick the darker brown eyeshadow and apply it very close to the upper lash line and only on 3/4 of it.

With the ¨B¨ brush blend like the 3rd step.

Now, with what´s left in the ¨B¨ brush, run that very close to the lower lash line and blend.
Like you see in the picture, remember to blend that on the very outer corner of the eyes so that the dark brown from the lower part meets the one from the lid.

Apply your favorite mascara on the up and lower lashes.

And done!

And that´s pretty much all, easy huh?
But, I do have a few recommendations and tips:

1. If you don´t have a cream color like the one I used, you can easily replace that with a similar looking eyeshadow. No biggie!
2. If you use the cream base, beware that creams and oily lids are not one of the best friends. But, as a oily lids person, I do find the Maybelline ones pretty cool! 

OH! And you can pair this eye look with pink lips, I personally like that combo :)

This is one is by REVLON and it´s a ¨Just bitten Lip balm¨

Thanks for reading!