lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

Le Fab Traveler - London -

These are all the pictures I took on my trip to London, enjoy! :)

London is a breath taking city in many different ways, from visiting the Buckingham Palace, to passing by next to the  Big Ben, watching the magnificent London Eye and more!

I went one month and a half ago in a day trip from my english school and it was awesome, I got the chance to visit a lot of places, take a lot of pictures and freeze my ass off because it was HELLA cold (Like -3 degrees). I have to say, I fell in love with London right away (but who would´t?)

Besides all the places to visit, is also one of the major cites for shopping. It´s dangerous, I mean it! 
You can spend thousands of pounds without realizing it because there are so many great stores that it´s too hard to keep yourself in line. 

Also, be aware of the greatest tip: wear comfortable shoes (specifically not converse, like I did)
London is synonym of walking like crazy, so be aware and wear comfy shoes!

Hasta la vista, baby ;)